Today the aim was to do some research and reading to find out what is available in terms of iBooks and resources and as well to do some reading about how technology is being used in the primary classroom.

The following were a few iBooks that I had a look at:

The Speaking Piano – James Humberstone

The iBook is recorded both the text and a soundtrack play simultaneously. The iBook also includes a score at the end, where readers can see the score notated.

Peach Boy – Samuel Wright

Year 8 students developed the music for a page each, as a cross-curricular project with Japanese, they developed an eBook as a class, each student wrote the music for one page using Garageband.

The Happy Prince – Samuel Wright

Students developed motifs for certain characters and using various technology such as Logic, Sibelius and Finale to develop their compositions. Then presented them as an iBook. Each page was about 1 minute worth of music.

After looking at these iBook projects I am thinking I could develop a mini project for students, where I would teach them an some ostinati as a class and use some iPads and some glockenspiels to play and develop a song/arrangement. Then the teacher can record this and students can develop a song that tells the story of Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas.

As a potential for developing this, students would then be able to create the pictures to go into an eBook that they create. Alternately they could create a video using the iPad video function. I am thinking, students could make an iBook and record various ostinati for each of the characters and fruits in Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas.

I also had a look at these websites:

An interesting article on singing fingers and how it can be used well in the classroom.

19 free iPad apps which can be great to use in the classroom:

There are so many apps out there – it’s a little overwhelming. At this stage I’m thinking I’ll get the students to use garageband to record ostinato/arrangements, and then connect this with iBooks later to create an iBook project similar to The Speaking Piano and Peach Boy.