At last nights POL evening, I was amazed by my peers’ projects and some of the things they had been able to achieve with their projects this semester. I have attached a link to their blogs if you would like to have a lookout what they’ve been up to.

I have attached a PDF of a flier I made and used at the POL evening to help explain my project. I have also attached a link to the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Facebook page where you will see footage of my peers and I presenting our projects. I got to talk to quite a few inspiring music educators, one lady who works in a Southwestern Sydney primary school full time as a music teacher! She explained to me how she got into her job, and some of the things she does with the different year groups. I talked to a librarian who was interested in possibly using Scratch or Scratch Junior with some of her students and linking it with literature.

Some concluding thoughts then…

This semester has been really challenging, but rewarding. I have learnt a lot about the latest technologies available in music making. We have considered the complex issue of best practice – when to use or when not to use technology? How can different technologies be used to best foster musical learning in students.

I think I have been able to develop a mindset of continually learning, which I think especially in our field is very important. As an educator I think this is possibly one of the most important things that we can strive to do in order to be creating more successful lessons and teaching in the best possible way.

As a future educator I think this is one of the most important things I’ve learnt this semester is to be an enthusiastic cynic when it comes to technology in education. Embracing change, with critical and evaluative thinking being at the forefront. So that learning and music always remain at the centre of what I do as a teacher.